Father’s Day 2005

15 Jun

Dads take out the regular garbage, the recycling and clean out the cat box. (This is the post-modern equivalent of hunting/gathering.)

If the guest bathroom door gets accidentally locked Dad comes to the rescue with a Phillip’s screw driver. (At first trying with a pen because he already had it in his hand and he doesn’t want to schlep all the way to the garage to get a tool more suited to the purpose.)

Dads can make kids laugh much more than Moms. Dads can also be a little scarier because they’ll take the funny part closer to the edge. Moms are always there to warn you about the edge and have saved many a child from landing on his head.

Dads are always good for a few bucks and a ride home no matter how late is and how tired he is.

Dads are also good for making tuna salad sandwiches, writing tardy excuses, running out for Opening Night flowers, putting on Neo-sporin, going to Starbucks, and teaching high school improv workshops.

Dads are available 24/7 to shoot hoops (actually rebound for whoever is shooting), throw around the ol’ plush football or read your new play or short story even if more than anything else they would like to remain horizontal for awhile longer.

On Father’s Day, Dads don’t need a big production. Just a funny card and a hug. (They really don’t think they deserve more than that since half of the time they are more of the problem than the solution — the “Big Kid” syndrome so popular in sit-coms for over 60 years.)

Dads are kind of lousy at singing lullabies. But it is pretty darn sweet to see them try.


2 Responses to “Father’s Day 2005”

  1. Sioux Steinkellner June 15, 2012 at 7:41 PM #

    U Don’t give yourself enough credit. A Great story. Have a Wonderful Father’s Day.
    Love, Sioux

  2. Angela June 18, 2012 at 11:45 AM #

    My dad was the best at making tuna sandwiches!

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