Bill Steinkellner’s Bride Not Taken: A What If Story

20 Jun

So, I guess I could have married this girl if things had turned out differently … or if I had ever met her. The photo is from Xmas 1949. So, she would have been the older woman by more than a year. (We would have been that rare couple like Demi and Ashton. Oops, bad example.)

But if it was true love I don’t think we would have let it get in the way of our love. Though, I wouldn’t want to speak for her.

The age difference would be magnified by the fact that girls mature earlier. (Plus, I have never been noted for my maturity. A fact that doesn’t seem to be putting off those pesky folks from A.A.R.P. in the slightest.)

Sally (she looks like a Sally to me) seems healthy and steady on her feet considering her grip on the baby buggy. This illustrates her stability. How many pictures do you see where the buggy is overturned and the doll is balanced precariously balanced half in, half out of the carriage?

The buggy is spotless. Good home maker. And it’s a baby carriage so you know she wants kids which is paramount to me. (Heck, nowadays I wish you could run out to Trader Joe’s and just get a new one every so often.)

It’s a little weird how her sweater is buttoned at the top only. Most of it is just left wide open. Does this signal potential infidelity? Well, I’m not going to jump to conclusions. I’ll wait to see if the private investigator comes up with any compromising photos.

All in all I think I’d rather stick with Cheri, my pal of 34 (yikes) years.

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