Untold Tales of Bill Steinkellner’s Hair

25 Jun

As life sometimes gets murkier my hair becomes clearer and clearer. Why now if the light was good you could probably read a newspaper through it. The following is a short compendium of my “crowning glory’s” vast accomplishments.

Once, a bag lady who was posted just outside the front door of Canter’s deli looked up from her stupor to comment “you have lovely hair”. (More life-challenged folks over the years would also go out of their way to comment. Is this the main thing they admire from life in the mainstream world?)

Long before I worked in tv, an actor who starred in a show that bore his name saw me in a liquor store and asked where I got my haircut. I found out later that that meant he was coming on to me. (I have always been way too naive. I’m like the lamb led to slaughter who says “Does anyone else smell blood or is it just me?”.)

I had really short hair from first grade until second year of Junior College. (In those days a haircut took about 73 seconds. They just ran the electric shaver over your head, smacked you with some talcum and that was it.) In my early twenties I let my hair get stupidly long. But pictures from then always make my kids laugh and so in the long run it was worth it.

Just a couple of years ago a kindergartener said to me “How did your hair get so white?”. (There’s a very long answer but none that a five year old would stand around for.)

The best thing about my white (technically clear since it has lost all of its pigment) hair is that I started greying in my late twenties. So, now I don’t have to worry about someone from the old days coming up to me with that “what the hell happened to you?” look on their faces that everyone else from the Boomer era gets.

To sum it up– I like my hair and my hair likes me. (Except on those days when it gets all cow licky.)

One Response to “Untold Tales of Bill Steinkellner’s Hair”

  1. Jonathan Stark June 26, 2012 at 6:56 AM #

    When are you going to fess up that that mop is just a wig? And, obviously, a not very expensive one either.

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