Picking Up Theodore John Steinkellner the Second : A Short Tale of the Mid Last Decade.

27 Jun

Around two ten or two fifteen in the afternoon I go to pick up my son, Teddy who is named after my father. Though, I am not positive that my father’s middle name was John. (My brother’s name is John Theodore so it seems logical.) I don’t investigate too thoroughly because I think Teddy would be disappointed if it weren’t true. He seems to have really taken to the “heft” of his name. What with “the Second” and all.

Before I pick T. up, I usually try to bring him something to eat. Costco pizza, cheeseburger and medium fries, or a meatball sandwich from Quiznos. (The first time I got him a turkey with mayo from there but tried meatball as a change and that seems to have stuck.)

On rare occasions I will get him a cheeseburger from Fatburgers if I am stopping downtown for some reason. (This is when we had a Fatburgers in Santa Barbara.)

Teddy is always very appreciative for whatever I show up with. It’s rare that I arrive with nothing. I do this because it seems like something I would have liked if my father were alive to do it for me when I was in high school. Actually, if he had been alive I doubt if he would have done this even if he had the time. Still, since Teddy is his namesake it kind of makes a connection.

The theater parking lot is jammed when I get there, so I wait out in front of the high school. Sometimes there is more of a delay than other times. I read and watch the kids getting picked up. A few of them look so much like their older siblings you feel as if you have become unstuck in time.

Teddy gets in the car. He relates odd bits of high school gossip. He never fails to correct me on some old school belief of mine. He is so fifteen. And then we drive home.


2 Responses to “Picking Up Theodore John Steinkellner the Second : A Short Tale of the Mid Last Decade.”

  1. Jonathan Stark June 27, 2012 at 3:17 PM #

    ‘Dinner $1.50’. Love it.

  2. Martha June 27, 2012 at 7:34 PM #

    when I picked up my kids from high school they got in the back seat without saying hello. They endured the ride home like tired New Yorkers in the back of a cab and rebuffed my attempts at convo. I shudda thought of bringing meatball subs. Darn!

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