Kit Steinkellner: The Kindergarten Years

2 Jul

Her hair is a lovely Autumn mist and as wispy as an Autumn breeze swirling leaves about the yard. But her mind is so much wispier. Like a dream within a dream.

Her eyes are so unbelievably blue that the ocean is a pale ghost even at its deepest point. But her soul is a deeper blue than that. Like the blue in a magic carpet flying high above a mystical land.

Her laugh is so irresistible that you can’t help laugh along. Led to joy like children following the Pied Piper. But her spirit is so much harder to resist. The earth would be so wondrous if everyone would just drop what they were doing and join her.

And so she flies from here to there bringing joy and light and laughter. Flinging her magic dust everywhere. Like Tinkerbell. Tinkerbell.


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