Kit Steinkellner’s Sleeping Beauty: A Story Pitch from a Four Year Old.

4 Jul

Once upon a time there was a princess named Aurora. But at her birth party the witch was not invited. So, the witch got mad and said Aurora would get pricked on a spinning wheel and die.

But Merryweather witch modified the wish so that Aurora would just fall asleep until she got a true love kiss on the lips.

So, the fairies took the baby off to the forest to live. But they used magic before Aurora turned sixteen. And so the wicked Queen found out.

Meanwhile the Princess was trying not to prick her finger on the spinning wheel. But a light kept drawing her closer.

The Princess wanted to find a path that would lead her out of the forest. But the birds had eaten up all of the bread crumbs.

But just in time Babs and Buster (From Animaniacs) show up with all their friends and give Prince Charming a magic sword.

He kills the wicked Queen, kisses Sleeping Beauty and they lived happily ever after.

— “Kit, APA on line one.”


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