On Reading the Measuring Your Own Bra Size For the First Time (August 2005): A Father’s POV

9 Jul

O cursed be you little scrap of cloth that could barely cover a newborn’s head.

To Hades with you thin strip of cotton posing as the cloth gateway to womanhood.

To the depths of hell hasten thee, Maidenform and Licensee Delti Galli USA Inc. Peddle your almost lady duds elsewhere!

Be gone from the vicinity of my angel divine with cherub lips and cheeks of peachy cream. My skipper down the street. Walker on Daddy’s shoes. My boon companion on the reluctant journey from school to car. My constant reader of all thingsArchie. My queen of all Princesses. My –gasp, shudder, sigh, sniffle, choke –slim creature surging to the precipice of Young Womanhood.

All right then, Maidenform etc. do your worst. Like the first “come to Daddy” steps that bid farewell to crawling this too shall pass. For as long as you live, our baby you’ll be. Sweet as a Spring morning. Soft as a baby blanket. Bursting with light like the sky after a storm. My baby. Baby, baby oh baby.


One Response to “On Reading the Measuring Your Own Bra Size For the First Time (August 2005): A Father’s POV”

  1. Liza Cranis January 14, 2014 at 12:41 PM #

    So glad I don’t have a girl. I’d be an even bigger basketcase than I already am with a son! Lovely tribute to your beautiful girls, Bill.

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