Bill Steinkellner’s Life as Sung by an Asian Pop Star.

11 Jul

I remember beds that must be made before the day can truly begin.

Scripts that must be titled before they can go on.

Characters that must have names before they can spring to life and say and do funny things. (Not just funny peculiar… Oh, you’ll never understand.)

I remember dogs that must stay on leashes forever.

And barking from a distant room.

Scratching on the door from a half-wild cat.

And a hamster wheel going squeakdy squeak, squeak in the middle of the night, long, long ago.

I remember not so small and yet not so large feet running at all hours.

Through the house, past the puzzles, past the put away basket and into the garage.

Hands running with fistfuls of Popsicles, paperbacks and drawings of kooky girls.

One, two three they run.

Red light, green light except without the red light.

I remember them all with a half sly smile as I stand looking at you with my hands folded just so in front of my pants.


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