The Guy Who Liked Rocky One Through Five–Not Five So Much– But He Would Go See Rocky 6 Even If It Was About Rocky Breaking Out Of A Retirement Home To Help His Grandson Become World Champeen.

31 Jul

He liked Rocky, (Duh!) DeGrassi, Doug and his newly minted Library of Congress catalog number but not necessarily in that order.

Not so long ago he liked doing his local show, SB Uncensored. (Especially reading the e-mail responses that didn’t trash him or question whether he had officially gone through puberty.)

He liked to mock trials among other things he liked to mock. (A Team Steinkellner tradition.)

He liked fistfuls of popsicles and running through the house like a blind banshee.

He liked going to bad movies if they were as bad as a good movie is good.

He liked to be surrounded by a million things in his room. He liked them even if he had outgrown them years ago. (Full disclosure: he really hadn’t.)

He liked everything about the WWW. And texting. And Tivoing. And The Twitter. And whatever the Next Big Thing was going to be.

He liked cuddly clothes and was not averse to wearing a Slanket at LAX.

He liked Watership Down. (Finally!)

He liked Fatburgers, Costco pizza, sushi, orange cream soda and Subway “sammiches”.

He liked to have things just the way he liked them and wasn’t very flexible about the opposite.

He liked to stir up the “shit” (as he called it) on long family car trips. And he was quite good at it.

And he liked bonding with his dad.

Ya gotta love a guy like that.

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