Emma Steinkellner Circa 1997

7 Aug

The Queen is not engaged in a day long monolog on topics most sundry and wonderful.

She is not having rice and butter. (Or veggies or pasta or Waffle Crisp in a bowl “with milk and a spoon”.)

She is not bestowing a nickname on someone seconds after meeting them for the first time.

She is not running to the door greet whoever is there — boon companion or total stranger– with a joy seldom seen outside the confines of a manger in Bethlehem.

She is not making sure that introductions to all the people present, both great and small, have been made and responded to.

She is not in the middle of her sixth costume change of the morning.

She is not having “waffles and wobble”.

She is not, not, not, not NOT going to Kim’s Seaside Pre-school today!

She is not getting dressed all by herself including shoes and socks.

She is not curled up on the couch under a blanket watching Care Bears with the beloved, Prince Tugs.

She is not asleep being cuddled by Prince Tugs, either.

She is not mesmerized by a totally inadequate actress playing a Princess on stage.

She is not giggling uncontrollably at the sound of the phrase “Heart Butt”.

She is not giving anyone the massively funny “doggy kiss”.

No, the Queen is just taking a well deserved psychic snooze by staring into space.


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