Pillow of Death: The Title Rejects

8 Aug

Night Table of Fear.

Satan’s Sleep Mask.

Pillow of No Return.

Dust Ruffle Diabolique.

Good Night, Moon –Hello, Morgue.

Nightmare Slanket.

Uh-oh, I Wouldn’t Be Retiring So Early if I Was You.

Bite of the Fatal Bedbug.

Night Light of Oblivion.

Demon on My Night Stand.

A Teddy Named Bloody.

You Don’t Need a Duvet Cover in Hell.

The Crypt of Ralph Lauren.

Zombie Lullaby.

Early to Bed, Early to Die.

I’ll Sleep in My Grave.

Don’t Look Under the Bed.

A Girl, A Ghoul, A Garroting.



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