The Toughest Hombre West of the Pecos Meets His Fate.

10 Aug

I was a very formidable individual my whole life long. A tough hombre.

Not someone you’d ever want to run into in a dark alley. Though, who’d be fool enough to be scurrying around in the shadows without good reason, I’ll never know?

I had a good head for business. I gave advice that,if followed to the letter, would insure success.

I believed in my fellow man but never went overboard in the trust department. I gave as good as I got.

I put my heart in God and my country and they in turn did the same for me.

I rose to the highest heights and looked down from there with discipline and a heaping of kindness.

Then one day I shuffled off this mortal coil. My heart no longer beat. My lungs no longer filled. In short I was dead.

Now, this card is all that remains of me unless one of my descendants chooses to put my name on a little brass plate on the back of a seat in the new high school theater. I have seen my legacy and I fear, they will not.

So, this rapidly deteriorating photo is all that remains of a good man. And there is plenty little of that, also. Only my eyes and part of my face have a modicum of integrity.

I feel myself fading. Can no one help me?

… A postcard story? No, no absolutely not. I’d rather crumble into dust…

Very well. I don’t have a choice. Dead men tell no tales.


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