How Mom and Dad Look at Their Baby.

13 Aug

They always think you’re going to be a doctor,lawyer, President of the U.S.A. Or at least the next Ryan Seacrest.

They never picture you behind the counter of the Sleezee Qwiky Mart or selling office supplies from the bowels of telemarketing hell. Or yelling at the kids to sit back in their seats while you are in the middle of a parking lot called the 405 on the day after Carmageddon.

They always see you marrying the lovely little redhead sleeping peacefully next to you in the hospital nursery. They can’t picture you stuck in a loveless situation that you don’t have the money or guts to escape from.

Mom and Dad see your whole life stretching out before you like a yellow brick road that ends at the rainbow. They can’t ever see you staring into the blackness of your life like a sick dog.

But that’s good. That’s the way it should be. Their love is as strong as a mountain and as soft as a lullaby late at night.


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