Ponderin’ on the Meaning of the Child Jesus.

14 Aug

So, did Jesus know that He was God while he was a kid? (And how would that thought differ from the way every kid thinks that the world revolves around him?)

Did the Child Jesus get cranky after lunch when he refused to take His nap?

Did He play so well with others that the neighborhood Moms used him as a good example/threat to their precious off-spring. (An excellent way to get your butt kicked daily by the other neighborhood kids.)

Much more likely with all those examples of him getting all over the cases of the Apostles is that Jesus was kind of bossy.
The kind of kid who doesn’t get an invite for a second play-date very often.

In general I see him as a kid who gets along better with adults and maybe some girls.

We don’t hear much about Him between the “lost years” from 12 to 33. Just that short episode where He is teaching the elders.

But what about from being a few days old until he was twelve? Those are “lost years”, also.

Did he scrape his knees a lot?

Did he get acne?

Did he go through that awkward period where your feet are like gunboats and the rest of you is growing so fast that your bones ache?

Did he have the highest self-esteem in history?

Did he have an IQ of a billion?

Maybe he was a combination of Apollo, Einstein and Justin Bieber?

Who’s to say?

I guess we will find out shortly before the end of eternity.


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