Team Steinkellner 1990

16 Aug

Stagger in from bedroom on adorable little legs.

Get conjunctivitis. (Put up ten times more resistance than the French during WWII as eye drops are being administered.)

Get chocolate kisses for bravery during eye drops torture.

Accept real kisses begrudgingly and have two books read to you.

Go to movies. Have popcorn and soda.

Absolutely refuse to go to poddy due to the lack of need. (Finally, acquiesce in this pointless endeavor and be amazed by the successful result.)

Stop at McDonald’s on return home. (Wonder why they don’t have your order ready as soon as you walk in the door since it never varies.)

Get same Happy Meal toy for the third time.


Watch videos.

Color while watching videos.

Fall asleep while coloring.

Dream of Peter Pan.


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