Three Other More Zeit Geisty Tales of China.

22 Aug

Tale of Ping

Tao Ping hears of the death of his maternal grandfather who lives in a faraway city. His grandfather’s internment is the next day. Tao Ping immediately goes to the airport to book a flight. Unfortunately 300 million people are ahead of him in the security line so he is delayed. The delay lasts almost thirty years. He dies just before getting to the metal detector. His nephew, Shaanxi, hears of Ping’s death so he goes immediately to the airport to book a flight… (This is one of the famous Grand Cycle Plays. This play lasts three weeks or more depending on if the audience riots sooner or not.)

Cathay’s Clown

Ping Tao starts a rumor by hinting to his next door neighbor that America is going to destroy Cathay as part of a premptive strike to destroy the Chinese Economic Juggernaut before it can overtake the US of A as the Number One World Power. The rumor spreads faster than Avian flu. Businesses fail. Marriages break up. Mass suicide runs rampant. Finally, the Communist big wigs squelch the rumor and put the evil genie back in the bottle. The rumor is traced back to Ping. But he is crushed during a Mass Riot in Cathay before the authorities can seek retribution. (Not recommended for children or those who still possess a shred of hope.)

Jiang’s Life of Happiness and Light and More Happiness.

Jiang, the ruler of a Billion people gets whatever he wants, whenever he wants– if not sooner. So do his all his friends and family. He is happy beyond his wildest dreams. And believe me there have been some doozies. The End.
(Caution: Not well received outside the inner Power Circle of the Communist Party.)

One Response to “Three Other More Zeit Geisty Tales of China.”

  1. Martha August 22, 2012 at 5:11 PM #

    how does that mind of yours operate? who thinks thoughts like these? Have you always had this thought process? and does your wife think this way as well? I’m thinking she just might. And if so you must never have had a dull day in all these years of marriage.

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