Team Steinkellner Receives Snail Mail Congratulations in 2008.

23 Aug

Although it was a swell honor and it would have made them the envy of all their Central Coast parental pals it wasn’t the acceptance of their only son into the hallowed halls of UC Berkeley that made the parents of Theodore Steinkellner the most proud.

What was it then? Was it that he could always crack them up by falling down and pretending to be hurt? Every time.

That his sisters adored him more than anyone on Mt. Olympus? (Even after those occasions when he stuck in the needle deeper than any Sarah Palin off-shore drill.)

Was it that he could have more fun at parties than a whole ballroom full of lamp shade wearers? And this without even the whiff of the grape or the tiniest bong.

Was it that he was so doggone funny that total strangers cracked up against their will?

Was it the aura of pure high octane fun that he took with him wherever he went?

Or was it his reaction when people who are smart enough to know better rejected him? (The effect was like pulling down black-out shades on the prettiest day in creation.) When that happened he felt a little out of sorts, pronounced himself “annoyed” and just went on with the getting that was good.

Maybe the parental pride came from all the things that made up the crazy quilt of Teddy Steinkellner.

But one thing they knew for sure he wasn’t going to make them proud at UC Berkeley. The little Imp was going to Stanford.


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    mazel tov

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