When the Future Leaps Out of a Book, Grabs You by the Throat and Shakes You To and Fro.

28 Aug

“I sat down to read a book because that is something that I do quite well.”

“I like to read fairy tales, swashbuckling tales of daring do and that sort of thing.”

“But then I saw a book in my father’s library with the title The Future of Womanhood and I was properly intrigued.”

“I am very interested in the days to come and womanhood which I expect to be part of one day.”

“So, I dove in. It seemed to analyze all my past ages with a fair degree of accuracy. I could quibble with a point here or there but in the main I was nodding along with the author.”

“That is until I came to Chapter XIII. There, the book stated, a chilling fact. At birth there are about as many boys as girls. But by the time those babies reach marrying age there were far fewer males available. Most of this is due to manly recklessness. Other reasons, too, but in the main it is tomfoolery that leads the dumb louts to their premature demises.”

“This chapter gave me such great pause that I read it over and over again.”

“Long before I was eligible I worried if I would ever get married. I did not sleep well that night. Or the night after.”

“And now night after night I stare into the dark. I ponder my odds. Or I sit on the front porch and stare up into the starry sky and wonder if one of those twinkly lights is my soul mate never to be.”

“Darn book.”


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