Bill Steinkellner’s Salute to the 2012 Republican Convention

29 Aug

Ringling Clowns Rep —

“We demand the right to keep our own personalized make-up and over-sized shoes.”

Barnum and Bailey Clowns Rep —

“We agree to the individualization of make-up as per tradition. But we are adamant in our opposition to free-styling in footwear. We that insist that the shoes of both groups should match in style and color.”

Ringling Rep —

“We fiercely resist the concept of mono-hued giant footwear. But in the spirit of compromise we suggest the the affinity of the Funny Brotherhood could be symbolized by matching red noses or at least noses that are similar in tone.”

B & B Rep —

“We could be persuaded that the nose issue might be solved with some modifications. But we feel that the large floppy shoes, while certainly an artistic choice, might be sacrificed in order to further the camaraderie that is so necessary for working in harmony under The Big Top.”

Ringling Rep —

“With time of the essence — I already see them warming up the cotton candy machine — I suggest we table our differences and pursue further dialog when everyone has been safely stuffed inside one of the funny cars prior to entering the center ring.”

B & B Rep —

“Agreed. Let the Parade of Outrageously Silly Walks begin!”


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