My-Pod: A Team Steinkellner Reverie

4 Sep

This is My-Pod. They are very funny. And you know how I love funny so I love My-Pod.

They are smart. Much smarter than I am. (Though, they don’t seem to realize it. So, maybe they aren’t so smart in some
cases. Or maybe they are trying to spare my feelings. That’s just how smart they are.)

They light up rooms when they walk in. I might light up a room but my filter has a bluer cast.

My-Pod are straws that stir the drink. Just ask anybody. I can stir a drink but I usually like to have one of the Pod with me if possible. (I am very smart in that regard. Almost as smart as they are on their dumbest of days.)

My pod are great readers. I’m a pretty good reader… to myself. When they read out loud it is like a Kentucky Derby with nothing but past winners in it.

My-Pod loves me. And I adore them. But then most people love them so that is not unusual. But for them to love me means they’ve got a screw loose somewhere. Maybe that’s what makes them human.

My-Pod are great writers. Every one of them. Even the baby. They can write rings around me. (I hear about people being able to do rings around people a lot. I’d sure like to see it some time.)

But here’s how I get around that fact and make people think I’m not such a bad writer after all.

I write about My-Pod.


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