An American Family Circa 1942

6 Sep

Grace was about to enter puberty. Her bones were growing so fast that sometimes they hurt.

Mom thought that the dress she was wearing was much too busy for the occasion but it was too late to change.

Peggy never quite knew what to do with her hands during these shutterbug encounters.

Bobby hated that he had just lost his extra pair of specs. If he misplaced the pair he had on? Well, that was it.

Rusty had been running around all morning so his underwear was real damp. He could think of nothing else.

Speed was having another wonderful day. His breakfast had been the usual with shreds of cooked beef on top. His coat had been brushed so lovingly he felt like a regular “Best in Show”. He couldn’t wait to go strolling over to the Coopers who had just moved in next door along with their tan Lab, Ginger Snap. Ginger watched him like a hawk yesterday and that’s when he looked like a human’s breakfast.

That would have that dumb Spike, choking on his idiotic remarks in the park yesterday. Yep, it had been an all-time day and only promised to get better.



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