The Man in the Moon: He Knows All and Tells All –When Asked Nicely.

11 Sep

I am so happy to have another inquiry concerning connubial bliss. Every one should get hitched at least once. Woman or man? That doesn’t concern the Man in the Moon.

The following is general advice for anyone thinking of tying the knot. It is the kind of knot that holds you fast. (It can tie you down or tether you from many a mishap. So, choose wisely.)

Pick a partner you will be happy to see at different times of the day. Breakfast as well as bedtime.

Most importantly they should have a sense of humor. Not necessarily about you but about themselves and any situation the two of you might find yourselves in. And there are some doozies. (Even a few concerning near death so don’t say I didn’t warn you.)

Your pal doesn’t have to have exactly your interests in life but they should be at least a little curious about your hobbies.

Tolerance is mandatory. If you believe in alien abduction they shouldn’t just roll their eyes and dismiss it out of hand. No one has proved this doesn’t exist. And surely it is as believable as most of the planks in the 2012 Republican Platform.

Be ready to compromise on how to raise the kids, the pattern of the duvet cover, the obligations to each others families and that’s about it. (I love that gag.)

Should you ever start losing a fierce argument with your beloved feel free to give me a shout out at #MoonMan.

FYI Monday’s tweet was supposed to be “Blue Moon”– Not “Full Moon”. Sorry.

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