Emma Steinkellner’s Pre-College Schedule Circa 1996

13 Sep

Wake up by 6:30 a.m. or sooner.

Cry or party with stuffed animal friends and then cry to be retrieved.

Take off diaper and all clothes to prepare for glorious day.

Cuddle with Mama.

Anoint all family members with a cheery “Good Morning”. (So they can start their day in the right frame of mind.)

Have breakfast. (Pizza, soup, vegetables, juice and a piece of somebody else’s bagel).

Go to the poddy. (Just kidding.)

Request breakfast video.

Yell until somebody takes me down from my high chair.

Pull all books off of the shelf underneath kitchen tv.

Have tears brim up and overflow eyes if someone tells me “no” concerning this action.

Go stick my head through square hole in that big piece of furniture in the hallway.
(Gee, that better be going to our new house. I may have to lay face down on the floor
next to it and cry just so they know what I mean.)

Take off diaper and clothes and play with blocks in the family room.

Begin second hour of the day.


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