Guardian Angel Check List (Circa Xmas 1997)– Code Name Steinkellner Kinder

14 Sep

Emma loves to suddenly appear on top of the kitchen table and stand near the edge. Please be ready to catch her or at least break her fall.

Teddy plays with his Beanie Babies near the corner of the table. Please, make sure that he doesn’t clonk his head or gouge himself near his mid-section.

Kit likes to balance her soda can on uneven surfaces while she reads and those cans tip over easily. This always occurs in places where it is tough to get stains out.

(Seasonal note.) Teddy has a tendency to repeatedly remove the Beanie Babies that are decorating the Christmas tree which he almost knocks over. A lot.

Kit will climb anywhere — at any time– for candy. Especially, chocolate. Other than blockading candy from American shores the only solution is to be constantly on guard. If Kit seems to be casually leaving the room or she makes an elaborate excuse as to where she is going an alarm bell should ring. She’s after something sweet and it is not easily accessible.

Emma has been known to climb eight to ten feet from the ground in search of candy or cookies. Unlike Kit she will give no warning. And she is as silent as a ninja. On the plus side she’s somewhat easier to catch than Kit. Many times pleasant perfect pitch humming may give her away.

Teddy will tend to stick his hands inside his shirt so that if he does fall he will not be able to catch himself. A word to the wise.

Emma runs around in stocking feet which causes her to slip on the hardwood floors.

Emma likes to wear her mother’s clothes (primarily Cheri’s pink nightgown) which can and does make her trip. Have your catcher’s mitt ready.

Emma likes to keep walking backwards while she is talking to people even though she is about to crash into the wall. Every day she gets better at this but it is still no minor problem.

If Emma is alone for more than twenty seconds she can be found standing in the highest point in the room or whatever is the most dangerous area. Nothing seems to deter her. All one can do is hope and pray.

In conclusion: Emma is the quirkiest risk but each of them has disaster potential. Stay on your toes. Keep them from going to the E.R. (Especially, if their dad is home alone with them.)

Supervising Angel’s note: We’ve had ten Guardian Angel resignations since March. Please don’t be # 11.


One Response to “Guardian Angel Check List (Circa Xmas 1997)– Code Name Steinkellner Kinder”

  1. Jamie September 14, 2012 at 2:44 PM #

    Love it. This sounds pretty familiar to me… I’m quite sure my children have at least 2 angels each.

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