The Halloween Trick That Poses As A Treat

1 Oct

Several Halloweens ago while going through Emma’s begging bag to make sure there were no razor blades (Yeah, right) I discovered this coupon with an offer of a $39 massage (limited time only– valid on first massage with a fifty minute time limit) at the bottom. Surrounded by candy bars, (alas not enough bite-sized Baby Ruths) Tootsie Pops, juju fruits and M & Ms there it was. A discount coupon.

This bold move on the part of the giver opens a whole new world of treats. The following is a list of the now appropriate items that may be dumped into any random adolescent’s bag or plastic pumpkin bucket.

Pens with hotel’s names on them.


Hotel sized bottles of lotion.

Sewing kits.

Post glaucoma exam sunglasses.

Ice cream sample spoons.

Post-it notes with one clean side.

Ronald McDonald souvenir cups.

Snapshot holders from Target.

Rusty’s Pizza two dollar off coupons.

Birthday gift wrapping paper with most of the tape removed.

Ship shape dollars from Mexican Riviera cruise.

Three-D glasses.

Unpaid parking tickets. (Hey, it’s worth a shot.)

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