A Quintet of Lovelies

3 Oct

Gertrude Elliot was strong, dependable and occasionally wistful. You could always borrow a buck from her in a pinch. You could tell her your deepest, darkest secret and it would go no further. But she had never gotten over her ridiculous childhood crush on Peter Pan.

Edna Mae loved to swing. She’d pump her legs with uncommon vigor and pretend that she was that girl who was Harry K. Thaw’s lover. Other than swinging she didn’t do very much. Not really.

Evie Greene was the oldest of eight. Her mother was a lonely, weak soul who thirsted for the past like a dying man in a desert. So, Evie ran the clan. Washing, cleaning, cooking and school work. And almost never resented her mother for what she was. The world could use more Evies.

Mrs. Brown Potter always affected the latest hair styles and accessories so as to appear as youthful as possible. At night she buried her face beneath a thick layer of cold cream. Still she couldn’t help but notice that the wrinkles around her eyes were as deep as the Mississipi.

Myrna Anthony was astonishingly beautiful. This brought her all sorts of favors and advantages, both desired and unsought. She tried to balance this with an attempt to care about others. After hours of practice she had perfected a look of concern that she could hold on her face for quite a long time. And that seemed to suffice.


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