The Straw That Stirs the Drink of Team Steinkellner Prepares to Meet Theodore J. Steinkellner II.

10 Oct

It was October 10th 1989. She waddled through her day. Like the off-spring of a duck and a beached whale. Bumping along with a truckload of blubber proceeding her.

Whenever she got down on the floor she couldn’t comprehend how she was going to get this mass of flesh airborne, again.

She despaired at attempting the little things that most people don’t even think about. Like going upstairs.

Her feet were swollen. Her ankles were swollen. Even her fingers were so much like little sausages that she could no longer wear her wedding ring. A small thing perhaps but it weighed on her soul.

She had heartburn, felt bloated and her joints ached.

As hard as she tried to stay awake she seldom made it past Entertainment Tonight. Often, she fell asleep with her glasses on. When her husband tried to ease them off she would get startled awake, briefly. And when she woke up she realized that she still hadn’t had a new baby.

She was miserable. She was fed up. She’d had it up to here.

Then it was 10-11-89. With a whoosh, a shove, a tug and a burst of joy –Teddy Steinkellner was here. And life was perfect.


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