Twenty-three Reasons to Love Teddy Steinkellner on His Birthday.

11 Oct

1) He’s much, much, much fairer than the 2000 Presidential election.

2) His eyes dance– the tango, the samba, the conga and the Dougie.

3) He’s the funniest guy in the room even if the room happens to be the contiguous states of America.

4) There’s nothing he enjoys more than a good “bad” chick flick.

5) He’s as loyal as the Pharaoh’s cat.

6) He’s as trustworthy as Paul Ryan. (Okay, bad example but Teddy’s darn worthy of trust.)

7) Bon mots leap out of his mouth at the rate of gallons of water coming over Niagra Falls.

8) He’d lose a beard growing contest to a just picked peach.

9) He could improvize rings around Saturn. (If they weren’t there already.)

10) He hung out in the womb a whole extra week just so he could be born on the magical date of Oct. 11th, 1989.

11) He’s got as many freckles on his face as stars in his heart.

12) He’s up for the lead in Dreamworks 2016 release Prince of Persia.

13) He’s funnier falling down in his room than Seth Rogen in IMAX.

14) He’d fling himself out of bounds trying to save the ball even if his team was down by 20. (He’s the living Hustle Award.)

15) He knows where the secret bathroom at Stanford is located.

16) He can write like a gold medal gymnast on a trampoline.

17) If you have chronic dry mouth he’d be happy to lend you some excess saliva.

18) He’s as sweet as a kitten running away from a Slinky.

19) He knows that you know that he knows that you know he knows a crapload about U.S. Presidents.

20) Better hold onto your hat because if you drop it he’s gonna cry.

21) He was “Teddy” when he was born 23 years ago and he still is… only more so.

22) Just catch is reflection in his mother’s eyes some time.

23) Teddy’s dad loves him in the way the Big Guy in all His Glory loves Jesus.


One Response to “Twenty-three Reasons to Love Teddy Steinkellner on His Birthday.”

  1. Martha October 11, 2012 at 11:50 AM #

    How truly blessed are your children and your wife. How loved they are and how much they get to know how loved they are. How happy you all are and how happy am I just reading about all of you. The whole world should run this way.

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