An In-depth Look at the Undecided Voters of America.

2 Nov

We are ordinary folks.

We like fart jokes.

If you want to make your movie #1, you’d better keep us in mind. (Sometimes this
fact perplexes the “experts” but they always try to please us, often without

We always laughs when somebody falls down… and at fart jokes.
Probably the funniest thing of all would be a man who
farted so hard he fell down.

Fake vomit is funnier than people vomiting unless it was the villain
who vomited. In that case it would be okey-dokey by us.

We don’t like to figure things out. But if you make it look
like we have to figure things out but make it so easy that it
is as if you told us the answer already but made the whole thing
look like a mystery? We sorta like that. Especially, if you make
us feel smart without forcing us to pay attention in school or
other hard junk like that.

We like regular hours and set jobs that we can go home and put
up our feet on the ottoman from.

And beer. Cold beer. Mmmmmmm.

As far as the 2012 election? We remain undecided.


One Response to “An In-depth Look at the Undecided Voters of America.”

  1. Grant Harvey November 3, 2012 at 10:46 AM #

    Why are ordinary folks so common? 😦

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