The Montecito Social Maven: Waiting for the Spark Plugs

19 Nov

Googie swept into the social whirl with all force of a Spartan attacking the Persian front. Then quickly halted to get her bearings. She spotted The Dick circling the perimeter like the oiliest snake in Snakeville. She should pay her respects but she didn’t think she could handle it without two fingers of something much stronger than the water with gas that she was presently clutching.
Across the room girl, Taylor’s dad, the ersatz actor was desperately trying to make eye contact. She had liked his dimpled cheeks when she saw him on the local news filling up a trailer truck for the unfortunate people of New Orleans or whatever the tragedy du jour had been that week. But now that she saw him in the flesh at room’s length there was something about him that just didn’t seem very substantial.
The President of the PTA was bending someone’s ear about funding. She had a very serious look on her cute punim. Googie was certainly going to skirt around that area. She had once fallen asleep in mid conversation with that perky presence. Granted she was on cold medication at the time but it was still quite embarrassing.
Then like the sun breaking through the clouds she saw the Steinkellners across the room. She made a beeline for them of such magnitude that I pity the bee that might have gotten in her way. At last. Now, she could dish.


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