Awfully Mad Circa 1990.

29 Nov

The new Wizard of Oz cartoon had been previewing for weeks but still wasn’t on.

Her wake-up and go to bed orange juice smelled suspiciously like the white medicine.

Her little brother was getting all the attention for doing really stupid stuff like rolling

a ball or saying “uh-oh”.  (The kitten could do that trick for cripe’s sake and he was

just born a few months ago.

She got sick the last time her best friend was over and she didn’t know when she would

ever see her again.

She didn’t feel much like rocking at night any more. (She got too tired during the day and was lucky if she could keep her eyes open through all three books.)

The family room VCR was on the fritz so if she wanted to color she had to watch baseball.

She was awful mad,today.  So everybody better just stay out of her way.


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