The Happiest Place on Earth.

30 Nov

The happiest place on earth?  It’s not Disneyland. No matter what the billions of dollars in commercials featuring Super Bowl MVPs tell you. Not even when you are a VIP who gets escorted to the front of the line along with folks in wheel chairs.  (And they are certainly more deserving than you.  Am I right?)

Not Hawaii.  It can get hot. And you have to keep slapping sunblock on especially if you go in the water.

The beach?  Like Hawaii only worse. (Though, you get to skip five hours on a plane.) There’s all that sand.  And if you have to drive all day to some sand castle contest you are in hell, my friend.  Or so I’m told.

No, the happiest place on earth you once lived in for over 3/4 of a year. Then you left before you realized how good you had it.  Before your very first breath. Yep, that lovely pink room known as the womb.  The original “no worries, mate” snug studio apartment.  Not a care in the world. Euphoria personified. Might even be a little piped-in singing from the Goddess you are floating inside of.  Remember?   You’re right.  No one does. (Why are all the important questions concerning birth and death seemingly unanswerable?)

I know one thing for sure.  I miss it.  And I’m going back there one day.  All I gotta do is play my cards right.



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