The Crucial Advantages of Having Four Arms.

5 Dec

Much easier to change a baby’s diaper in an airplane’s bathroom.

Able to fill Thanksgiving plate while fewer-limbed members of the family are still dolloping out their mashed potatoes.

Start decorating the Christmas tree while still stringing on the lights.  Or putting the star on top. (For show-offs only.)

Have an arm to put around everyone in the family during group picture. (Limit of eight, please.)

Able to put up two hands while being mugged but still having the other two free to surprise and subdue the thug.

More options when asked to have your palm read.

An awesome sight while performing the “raise the roof” gesture at basketball games.

Able to accompany yourself on harmonica while also playing the spoons.

Turns you into a veritable applause machine.

Fill a black jack table all by yourself.

During intense bouts of anxiety allows you way more nails to gnaw on.

If you have four arms you must be a Goddess.  What’s not to like?

Four Hands


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